Dingsaller 1.81 is available!

Dingsaller 1.81 is available!

NEW in v1.81:

  • New FM Node – Frequency Modulation instrument.
  • New RangeSplit Node – Route notes based on pitch value.
  • Multi-Tap Gestures for output node mixer controls.
  • Tempo – Fine increment control.
  • Sliding panels now respond to a tap instead of a swipe.
  • Bug fixes and interface improvements.
  • Retina Display updates.

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2011 Best App Ever Awards

The folks over at 148apps.com are at it again, it’s nomination time for the 2011 Best App Ever Awards. The website is a great way to find useful apps, and a great way for developers who aren’t at the top of the Apple charts to get noticed.

Music will be a crowded category this year with all the big names like Korg and Moog getting in on the iOS game, so I’m going to try for the Generative Art category as well as the Best Musical Instrument Category.

Head on over and help nominate Dingsaller.

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