VocaForm Settings

The Settings Screen is the place to edit functions that don’t need to be accessed very often. The sound picker will slide on screen for settings that affect each sound individually.  The sound picker remains hidden for global settings

  1. The first row sets the keyboard layout. There are three different keyboard layouts; Moveable-Do Portrait, Moveable-Do Landscape, and Fixed-Do Landscape.
  2. The second row sets the vibrato type for the current sound. There are three vibrato types to choose from.  Vibrato Off removes the vibrato completely. Free Vibrato allows pitch bends from a single note to continue all the way across the screen. Latched Vibrato causes the center pitch to jump to a new note when a new button touched.
  3. The third row allows the Accelerometer to be turned on or off.
  4. The fourth row allows all preferences to be reset to their factory defaults. This affects the whole application, including the voice, envelope, key, effects, and vibrato.
  5. The fifth row contains information about VocaForm and contact information.


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