VocaForm Performance Screen

New in version 1.4, there are now three different keyboard layouts; Moveable-Do Portrait, Moveable-Do Landscape, and Fixed-Do Landscape. Choose your keyboard in the settings screen. Use the left arrow button to go to the main menu.

The performance screen has four main functions.  At the top is a selection bar that allows you to choose one of four active sounds. The bar is revealed by pressing the down arrow button in the upper right corner.  Press the up arrow button to hide it again. The A E I O letters are just labels, they don’t represent anything specific.

The second part is made up of the keyboard buttons. In Moveable-Do layouts the in-key notes are labeled with Solfege syllables. In the Fixed-Do layout, notes in the key are labeled with the alphabetical note name and the notes will slide around so that there is always one octave of keys across each row. Just touch a button and start playing.

The player can perform a pitch bend by sliding to the left and right after touching any of the buttons.  The effect can be made very subtle by just rocking the finger gently, or very wild by sliding all over the screen. There are three vibrato modes to chose from on the settings screen. Free Vibrato, Note Latching Vibrato, and Vibrato Off. The player can also sweep the resonant filter cutoff by sliding a finger up and down while a note is playing.

The third part of the interface is an X-Y controller strip.  It controls the note envelopes.  The Y-Axis controls the Attack value, affecting how quickly a note starts. The X-Axis controls the Release value, affecting how quickly a note fades away. (Decay and Sustain can be set on the envelope screen.)

The fourth performance control is the accelerometer. It is used to control the overall volume.  The volume is greatest when the iPhone is held vertically. It gets softer as the iPhone is rotated to a horizontal orientation, with the screen facing up.  The performer can also create a tremelo by bouncing the iPhone up and down. The accelerometer can be turned on or off with the settings screen.


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