VocaForm Audio Effects

This screen lets you edit the chorus, auto-vibe, delay and filter effects. More effects coming soon!!

The table on the left lets you select an effect to edit. The switch in each row turns the effect on and off.

The edit box on the right allows you to adjust  the parameters for each effect. You can also turn the selected effect on and off using the bypass button.


  • Simulates multiple voices using modulated variable delay lines. This creates a thicker sound.
  • Rate – Changes the rate of modulation.
  • Depth – Increases the the amount of detuning caused by the effect.


Auto Vibrato

  • Automatic pitch modulation that gradually fades in as the note plays.
  • Uses a sinusoidal LFO.
  • Onset Time – Time for the effect to reach full value. Also sets the time for the effect to fade out.
  • Rate – set the rate of the vibrato.
  • Depth – the pitch shift amount of the vibrato.


Filter – two pole resonant filter.

  • Cutoff Frequency – sets the frequency that is being boosted by the resonant filter.  This parameter can also be modulated on the performance screen by sliding your finger vertically while playing a note.
  • Bandwidth – the range of frequencies that are affected by the filter. A small bandwidth value will create a narrow filter with more gain. This will create a more prominent  filter sound.


Delay – variable length delay line.

  • Feedback – Turns on infinite echo.
  • Delay Time – Sets the length in seconds to a value between 0.01 and 2.0 seconds.
  • Balance – Sets the volume balance between the input sound and the delayed sound. Setting this value all the way towards “Wet”gives a 50/50 mix. Setting it all the way to “Dry” gives 100% input sound.



3 thoughts on “VocaForm Audio Effects

  1. Tim, what I just downloaded does not seem to have the effect pages?
    Please advise.

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