Coconut Green Tea – VocaCake

Combining cooking and iPhone apps is right up my alley, so I decided to make this cake for this year’s Great App Bake Off. Transforming the VocaForm mascot from an icon into edible “artwork.”

I started by baking a Coconut cake from this recipe and whipping up some buttercream frosting from this recipe, substituting coconut milk for the regular milk.  I made the frosting green using Matcha, a green tea powder.

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Fly Head Pork


GarlicChives3I had this dish at a Taiwanese restaurant in Queens a few weeks ago, Main Street Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet. Normally, I might not order something that’s named after Musca domestica but I had some Taiwanese friends along who assured me that it is not only insect free, but tastes absolutely amazing.

In various places I’ve read the dish’s eponymous fly heads attributed to the white headed garlic chives or the fermented black beans. Visually, the beans make more sense, but who knows.


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Tomatoes, Reward For Living Through The Heat

It actually hasn’t been too hot recently, but it’s finally really summer in NYC. I can tell because the best thing about summer is here.  Cheap, ripe tomatoes. Tomatoes that can make a meal on their own without help from assorted pork products.

I make this dish when I want something that has the a bit of the taste of the slow cooked  spaghetti I usually make, combined with the taste of fresh tomatoes.


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