The original Vocaform has been retired.

Check out Vocaform 2.


If you like the synth engine,check it out in polyphonic glory inside

the Dingsaller iPad App.


VocaForm is a monophonic performance synthesizer instrument for the iPhone / iPod Touch. It uses formant synthesis to mimic resonant body sounds such as a voice or stringed instrument. The resulting sounds range from eerily haunting to vintage 8-Bit console-like. A wide variety of additional tones can be created with the included digital audio effects.

The user interface focuses on making live performance simple and expressive. Detailed sound adjustments can be performed in the editing screens.


  • Audio Effects: Delay, Filter, Auto-Vibrato, Chorus.
  • Two modes of responsive, touch-based vibrato.
  • Responsive, touch-based filter sweep.
  • Almost 3 octave, Moveable-Do and Fixed-Do keyboards.
  • Adjust each sound by editing 5 formant regions.
  • Editable ADSR envelope.
  • Accelerometer controlled volume.

InstructionsMain Menu


10 thoughts on “VocaForm

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  3. Tim,
    Did you create this? Is it something that could be used with folks who have no voice? Could it be adapted for handicapped folks?
    (This is your special ed. aunt here.)
    Sounds like a very cool tool!

    • I’ve been hard at work on it for the past few months, got a lot done on the long drive to Vegas.

      It’s not meant to be an authentic human voice. Just a synthesizer that has a vocal-like timbre. There’s nothing in it specifically for teaching, but music is always theraputic.

      BTW – did you recognize a certain turtle in the video?

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  8. congratulations on landing in the Top 10 spots for TWO categories!! definitely a winner, there!

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