Dingsaller 1.0 is Available!

Dingsaller 1.0 is available!

Get it at the App Store.

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9 thoughts on “Dingsaller 1.0 is Available!

  1. Hi! Congrats! However, the app crashes as soon as I create a new document. And the document pane (top right corner) does not close. I have the latest iOS.


    • Hi Korhan,

      Have you tried force quitting the app in the Application switcher?


      • Hi Tim,

        Sorry for the belated reply 🙂 It seems like restarting the iPad did the trick. Haven’t had a crash ever since.

        Now that you’ve added MIDI Input, I think it’s time for MIDI output. I’d love to try Dingsaller as an algorithmic sequencer for my own sound generators on Ableton Live.

        And one last suggestion (dunno how much sense it makes): perhaps a ‘Player’ app for iPod/iPhone? We could create Dingsaller patches on the iPad, export our patch to the Player app on the iPod and use that as a MIDI sequencer with minimal controls (tempo and maybe one XY pad).

      • Korhan,
        Glad to hear it!
        MIDI out will definitely come.
        A player app is an intriguing idea, I had dismissed the iPhone completely because the controls would be too small, but that just might be doable.
        Though, I suppose it would have to be a separate free app, so people without a iPads don’t accidentally buy something that they can’t use.


      • Tim,

        I would personally pay a small fee for an iPod player app because it would free the iPad screen for other tasks, such as playing/controlling instruments with TouchOSC, etc.

  2. Hi there,

    Is it possible to control the sequencer object remotely, like triggering start, stop, record, clear etc. via midi or at least via “an other object” within the software itself?


    • Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to do that now, but it’s something I’ll look into including.
      Hope you’re having a great time making iPad music.

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