Coconut Green Tea – VocaCake

Combining cooking and iPhone apps is right up my alley, so I decided to make this cake for this year’s Great App Bake Off. Transforming the VocaForm mascot from an icon into edible “artwork.”

I started by baking a Coconut cake from this recipe and whipping up some buttercream frosting from this recipe, substituting coconut milk for the regular milk.  I made the frosting green using Matcha, a green tea powder.

After forming the basic shape, I frosted it and smoothed it.

It then got a dusting with a combination of cocoa, matcha, and powdered sugar.

Fin. Click to learn more about VocaForm iPhone Synth.


4 thoughts on “Coconut Green Tea – VocaCake

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  2. wow, it really put on weight from the cake to the cake-with-frosting! but every lick counts! rah! rah! (cheering you on) (smile)

  3. Tim,
    Looks fun and yummy! How creative, must have a touch of your mom in you!
    Do you win something besides fame?
    Who gets to eat it?

  4. There’s some prizes, iTunes gift cards and such, but I just did it for the promotional value, and because it was fun.

    I brought the leftovers in to work, they disappeared quickly.

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